Wrights Madeira Cake mix 500g

Wrights Madeira Cake mix 500g

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One cake, 15 slices, 24 cupcakes or twelve muffins, little bag, lots of cake

Just add water & oil

Suitable for vegetarians

This Madeira Cake mix, which has a subtle buttery and vanilla flavour, can be used to bake light & moist cakes, slices, muffins or cupcakes.

Just add water & oil plus any toppings you like to make delicious, freshly baked cakes every time.

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All of our cake mixes use the finest flours & best ingredients.

Suitable for Vegetarians

 Contains Eggs

Contains Milk

Contains Wheat

Wright's Madeira cake mix is a simple mix that produces a traditional home made style cake with a buttery, vanilla flavour. Requiring only the addition of water and oil to produce a moist, tender eating cake. Wright's Madeira cake mix works uniquely with bread making machines as well as in a 2lb loaf tin in your domestic oven. Producing an authentic, traditional style cake also suitable for loaf cakes, gateaux bases, slices or 16 individual cakes.  Madeira cake mix is so incredibly versatile.  In fact, it is the chameleon of the cake world as it is an excellent base for a range of flavours and textures.  Try it with glace cherries, cinnamon, make a lemon cake of it, a coffee cake, date & walnut, coconut, fruits of the forest, sultanas, you can marble it or just enjoy it plain.


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