Twinings Everyday 40 ct teabags

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For perfect tea every time simply follow these Twinings tips Only use freshly drawn cold water ensure that kettles or water boilers are descaled regularly and that teapots are spotlessly clean.Teapots should be warmed with hot water which is then poured away.When making tea use one tea bag per person plus one for the pot.Water should have just boiled when it is poured into the pot.Leave Twinings tea to brew for 3-5 minutes and stir before serving.Pour tea into a cup add milk and then sweeten as required. Did you know Tea breaks are an enduring feature of working life and for good reason. Its important to take five minutes out every 50 minutes. Wherever you are and whatever youre doing you feel refreshed after a cup of tea.These Twinings teas do come direct from the UK

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