Skor Bar 39g - Canadian

Skor Bar 39g - Canadian

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Skor is a thin candy bar with a hard butter toffee center and a milk chocolate coating. The butter toffee layer had a good crunch to it, definitely solid, but just brittle enough to be able to bite in without breaking any teeth. If you need a good sweet chocolate hit, Skor is s quite a good option. Looking for a delicious chocolate toffee taste? SKOR Toffee Bar is the answer. SKOR Bars feature rich butter toffee enrobed with delicious milk chocolate to create a distinctively rich treat.

Skor is a delicious and comforting toffee bomb filled with great taste. Delicious buttery toffee is drenched in milk chocolate, making it the perfect sweet snack for any time of the day

made in Canada

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