Simpkins Nipits Cherry Liquorice Drops 175g

Simpkins Nipits Cherry Liquorice Drops 175g

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Nipits- Cherry Liquorice Hard boiled Drops – A Mouthwatering infusion of liquorice!!….  an unrivalled taste experience witha strong Cherry taste with undertones of a  Liquorice punch. A very rare confection!!


To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of manufacturing the 2 iconic brands of Nipits and Simpkins ,the Simpkin family tasked the master sugar boilers to produce a range to celibrate and mark the occassion. The master sugar boilers set their minds to it and have created a range of liquoice infusions, a subtle twist on a recipe from 1927! They manufacture and craft the Simpkins High grade Glucose drops by traditional methods in copper pans as standard then crush the Pure liquorice pellets and fold , mix and infuse them into the boiling by hand .This delivers an unrivalled taste experience of a mouthwatering Cherry taste with strong Liquorice undertones. A very rare confection !!

Made in UK

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