Original Cake Company Brandy Fruit & Nut Cake - CHRISTMAS

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This Brandy Fruit and Nut is a fruity, nutty and kinda boozy Christmas treat. Our Brandy cake is the only fruit and nut cake you need for the festive season! A perfectly moist and textured cake with a rich Brandy flavour, stuffed with Cherries, Sultanas and nuts. This Fruit Cake will be at the top of Santa's own list! Perfect as a sharing platter at Christmas parties and occasions or as a snack. Each slice is individually wrapped so you can skip the serving faff and put it straight on a plate!


Our Brandy Fruit and Nut Cake isn't just handcrafted to perfection, it's also traditionally baked by the best artisan bakers in the business. We've been in the baking biz for 49 years' and are renowned for our unrivaled Christmas Creations! We sell our Christmas cakes internationally and you'll find them more places than you'd expect.  

A brandy rich hand decorated fruit cake topped with plenty of glazed cherries and nuts 

Made in UK


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