Nestle Coffee Crisp Bar 50g - Canadian dated April 2024

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Nestle Coffee Crisp Bar - Canadian

Coffee Crisp is a chocolate bar made in Canada. It consists of alternating layers of vanilla wafer and a foamed coffee-flavoured soft candy, covered with a milk chocolate outer layer.

The bar originated in the United Kingdom in the 1930s as a chocolate bar named Rowntree's Wafer Crisp. This was at a later point renamed "Chocolate Crisp". The bar was later introduced to Canadians as Biscrisp. In 1938, a coffee variation (Coffee Crisp) was added to the line of flavoured Biscrisps (which included fruit flavours). In 1988, Nestle acquired Rowntree's including its Canadian operation and the Toronto chocolate factory where the bar is produced. As of 2014 the product is marketed by Nestlé Canada.

made in Canada

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