Nestle After Eight Pemium Easter Egg Premium - FRAGILE

Nestle After Eight Pemium Easter Egg Premium - FRAGILE

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Nestle After Eight Premium Easter Egg

Dark chocolate Mint egg with a box of After Eight Chocolate Thins

  • After Eight Premium Egg is to give something that bit more special at Easter time. This giant mint-flavoured dark chocolate egg comes with the nation's favorite full-sized box of After Eight Chocolate Thins.
  • After Eight are wafer thin pieces of mint fondant wrapped in dark chocolate, each in their own crisp envelope. After Eight wafer thin mints in their classic carton are the nation's favourite after dinner mints. Each square piece is the perfect balance of soft, refreshing mint fondant with thin dark chocolate, making it the finishing touch to any meal. It has been at the heart of the British nation since 1962 when it was launched in order to tap into a gap in the market for Rowntree's for After Dinner chocolate mints
  • Made in UK

Note: Easter Eggs are extremely fragile, and we can not be responsible for damage. Also please order thermal shipping if it is warm / hot in your area. Eggs can melt, and discolor easily when exposed to heat.

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