Moo Free Cinder Toffee Bar 80g - Vegan- Dairy Free - Gluten Free

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Each of these luxury chocolate bars is made using the highest quality, ethically sourced, organic ingredients including the finest, organic cocoa mass from plantation in the Dominican Republic. We then combine this with raw, unrefined, organic cane sugar and rice powder to produces a velvety smooth, rich chocolatey flavour. Finally, we embeded these bars with pieces of honeycomb cinder toffee which adds a delicious, caramelised toffee flavour.

As with all our chocolates, no animal products are used in the production of these bars which are certified 100% vegan. In addition, because of our strict, allergen conscious manufacturing processes, each of these chocolate bars is also completely dairy free, gluten free and soya free.

These chocolate bars are lovingly made by Moo Free who are an ethical, family-owned UK manufacturer. We hope that you love these bars as much as we loved making them.

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