McVities Victoria Biscuit Creations Carton 340g CHRISTMAS

McVities Victoria Biscuit Creations Carton 340g CHRISTMAS

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McVitie's Victoria Chocolate Creations Luxury Biscuit Assortment A gorgeous selection of Dark, Milk and White Chocolate Biscuits by McVitie's. Give a gift of love this Christmas with Victoria Chocolatiers Creations. Generously coated plain chocolate biscuit, Indulgent milk chocolate finger, Divinely sprinkled plain chocolate finger, Milk chocolate enrobed cloverleaf, Luxuriously drizzled white chocolate oval, Deluxe plain chocolate & orange cream, Gloriously milk chocolatey oat crunch, Dreamy milk chocolate oat crunch, Scrumptiously rich plain chocolate shortcake, Luxuriously drizzled plain chocolate oval, Totally chocolatey milk chocolate coated choc chip cookie, Dreamy white chocolate round Weight 400g

    Made in UK



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