McVitie's Everyday Biscuits Triple Pack 815g

McVitie's Everyday Biscuits Triple Pack 815g

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Oaty Biscuits
Wheatmeal Biscuits
Crisp Biscuits

McVitie's Hobnobs: The Oaty One, Baked with 100% Wholegrain Oats

McVitie's Rich Tea: The Classic One

McVitie's Digestives: The Original, 70% wheat and wholemeal

No hydrogenated vegetable oil

No artificial colours or flavours

Suitable for Vegetarians

A selection of favourite McVitie's biscuits, perfect for a tea break. Original Digestives are loved for their classic crunch, distinctive, salty-sweet wheat flavour. Rich Tea have been crafted with care to create a light, crisp, sweet biscuit.

Enjoy a little break from the everyday, McVitie's biscuits are too good not to share.

Hobnobs are packed with Oats, and so are perfect for any time of the day!

McVitie's biscuits are Too Good Not to Share.

WARNING SUMMER SHIPPING hot weather chocolate  products can melt if exposed to heat in transit. Take care in ordering this item during the Summer Months as we do not refund or credit items spoiled by exposure to heat in transit.

Made in UK

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