KP Hula Hoops Crisps Salt and Vinegar 34g x 6pk

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Hula Hoops Salt and Vinegar 6pk Hula Hoops crisps are hollow cylindrical shaped potato snacks made by KP. We offer them in three different flavors salt and vinegar original and cheese and onion. The golden brown Hula Hoops are made with potato rice flour and salt and crisped to perfection in 100%  sunflower oil.Hula Hoops were first introduced to the world in 1973 and their wonderful balance of crunchiness and savory taste has been loved by generations of Brits ever since Why not try Hula Hoops Salt and Vinegar flavor They come in a blue packet and have a hint of vinegar flavor accompanied by a mild salty potato crunch .If you like snacks youll fall in love with Hula Hoops.

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