Kit Kat White & Milk Wafer Bar 6 x 2 finger 126g

Kit Kat White & Milk Wafer Bar 6 x 2 finger 126g

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Nestle Kit Kat White & Milk Wafer Bar 6 x 2 finger 126g

Enjoy the simply irresistible combination of KITKAT’s signature crispy wafers, with a smooth milk and white chocolatey coating, together in one delicious treat! NESTLÉ® KITKAT® White & Milk Wafer Bar (6 x 21 g) blends creamy white & milk chocolatey goodness, coated over our signature crispy wafer. It’s a unique way to delight in break time alone – or for sharing this delicious experience with a friend. HAVE A BREAK, HAVE A KITKAT®.

Crispy wafer fingers covered in a white & milk chocolatey coating
•Proudly made with only natural flavours, and no artificial colours
•Multipack of 6 bars, each with two full-sized fingers, perfectly portioned to enjoy and savour
•We purchase 100% Sustainably Sourced Cocoa certified by UTZ, as part of the NESTLÉ® COCOA PLAN®. We work with UTZ and farmers to improve the quality of their products and strengthen their communities
•A tasty treat during breaktime with 110 calories per bar

made in Switzerland

WARNING SUMMER SHIPPING  hot weather chocolate  products can melt if exposed to heat in transit. Take care in ordering this item during the Summer Months as we do not refund or credit items spoiled by exposure to heat in transit.

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