Simpkins Botanical Rose Drops 150g

Simpkins Botanical Rose Drops 150g

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A regal and sublime Rose Flavoured confection all contained within a classic botanical designed tin!

For over 3 generations Simpkins have manufactured this product for Health Food and Pharmacy markets, A fragrant essential oil known for its antidepressant and contains antiseptic properties, rose oil has also been known to help relieve insomnia and nervousness. There are many different ways to experience rose oil, of course the best way to experience it is in a confection manufactured by Simpkins!

It is quiet rightly referred to as “The Queen of all flavours” all products within the “Botanical Collection” are All Natural, Gluten Free and blended and manufactured with care to the exact recipes that were formulated by the founder Leslie Simpkin in the 1920’s – timeless classics!

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