Pot Noodle Sweet & Sour 90g

Pot Noodle Sweet & Sour 90g

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Noodles in a Chinese sweet and sour flavour sauce with vegetables and a little sachet of sweet and sour sauce.

 A powerful combination of our classic noodles and sweet and sour sauce, A quick, filling, and tasty snack pot ready in just 4 minutes – helping you stir it up!, The lid and pot for these delicious instant noodles are both recyclable, Add boiling water to fill level, re-cover with lid and leave alone for 2 minutes. Stir, then leave for another 2 minutes. Give it another stir as you add the pot noodle flavour sachet and dig in!, Suitable for vegetarians with none of those artificial colours or preservatives; however, Sweet & Sour Pot Noodle may contain milk and eggs

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