Galaxy Minstrels Pouch 217g

Galaxy Minstrels Pouch 217g

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Galaxy Minstrels in a pouch so you can share with others if you so wish to do Mars Minstrels bag Smooth and creamy milk chocolate  in a crisp shell.

Milk chocolate (75%) in a sugar shell.
Pleasure worth sharing. Suitable for vegetarians. Kosher - KLBD-D.Smooth and creamy Galaxy chocolate captured in crispy chocolate shells, pleasure worth sharing.

When it comes to bite sized chocolate treats Galaxy Minstrels really do take some beating. These classic chocolates comprise smooth and creamy milk Galaxy chocolate encased in an irresistibly crunchy shell.This bag of Galaxy Minstrels is perfect for taking on journeys keeping you going whilst at work or simply munching on in front of the television. Ideal for sharing out they are equally suitable to keeping to yourself

Allergy Advice Contains Milk Contains Soya.

Ingredients Sugar Cocoa Butter Skimmed Milk Powder Cocoa Mass Lactose Palm Fat Whey Powder from Milk Milk Fat Emulsifier Soya Lecithin Dextrin Natural Colours Curcumin Vegetable Carbon Beetroot Red Starch Glazing Agent Carnauba Wax Coconut Oil Natural Vanilla Extract Milk Chocolate contains Milk Solids 14 minimum Milk Chocolate contains Vegetable Fats in addition to Cocoa Butter.Lifestyle Additives Kosher Suitable for Vegetarians.

WARNING SUMMER SHIPPING  hot weather chocolate products can melt if exposed to heat in transit. Take care in ordering this item during the hot Months as we do not refund or credit items spoiled by exposure to heat in transit.

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