Caramel Marshmallow Fluff Jar 213g - UK

Caramel Marshmallow Fluff Jar 213g - UK

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These jars are literally packed full of sweet and sloppy marshmallow! Perfect for making, smores, cakes and all sorts of rich and decadent desserts. 

gluten free

only sold in the UK

Despite reading, “The delicious American marshmallow spread,” the Caramel Flavour with a “U” on the top of the label indicates that this product came from across the pond.


This stuff is great - in brand new Caramel flavour! Kids and adults love the stuff. So many uses. Use it for Ice cream Sundaes, Chewy Rice Krispie Cakes, try it on Toast, Bagels, Muffins, add it to Milk Shakes, use it to make Fudge or maybe use it as a Cake Frosting.. The possibilities are endless! A quick search on Google reveals dozens and dozens of Fluff recipes! Each jar is the equivalent of at least 32 Marshmallows.

Produced by the same batch process developed over 75 years ago, Marshmallow Fluff is a fluffy, white and smooth marshmallow cream made with only the finest ingredients. Containing no artificial preservatives, the American product is perfect for baking or spreading.

We didn't think anything could be better than Marshmallow Fluff...until we learned about the existence of CARAMEL Marshmallow Fluff.

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