Candyland Sherbert Fountains  25g

Candyland Sherbert Fountains 25g

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Sherbert Fountains the original one you remember as a kid a stick of liquorice in the center with sherbert power.Sherbet is sold in a plastic tube with twis toff lid with a stick made from liquorice as a sherbet fountain. formerly in paper packaging The top of the stick is supposed to be bitten off to form a straw and the sherbet sucked through it where it fizzes and dissolves on the tongue though many people prefer to either dip the liquorice in the sherbet and lick it off or to tip the sherbet into their mouths and eat the liquorice separately.Allergy Advice Contains Wheat.Ingredients Sugar Treacle Wheat Flour Wheat Flour Calcium Carbonate Iron Niacin Thiamin Cornflour Sodium Bicarbonate Acids Citric Acid Tartaric Acid Natural Colour Plain Caramel Liquorice Extract AntiCaking Agent Tricalcium Phosphate Flavouring Aniseed Oil.Lifestyle Additives Suitable for Vegetarians.

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