Cadbury Freddo Chocolate Single Bar

Cadbury Freddo Chocolate Single Bar

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Choc-full of fun, our delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo is made with fresh milk from British farms, for the perfect frog-shaped treat!

Cadbury Freddo Dairy Milk is essentially a milk chocolate bar in the shape of non other than the iconic Freddo – a fully dressed, permanently happy cartoon frog.

This affordable, small chocolate snack is a favourite amongst children

Cadbury Freddo first emerged in the UK in 1973 and, after a 15 year sojourn between 1979 and 1994, the famous frog reappeared on British shelves where he has remained ever since.

Note: In hot weather chocolate products can melt if exposed to heat in transit. Take care in ordering this item during warm months as we do not refund or credit items spoiled by exposure to heat in transit. We recommend using Thermal Shipping for these products.

Made in UK

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