Buchanans Butter Tablet

Buchanans Butter Tablet

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Since 1856 it all began... After successfully selling their home-made jam, the Buchanan's family opened a shop in Glasgow, and in 1856 the first award winning Toffee & Fudge recipes were created. In 1976 Golden Casket, a renowned family confectionery business took over production of the Buchanan's brand, and today we're still making those same award winning proper Toffees, Fudge, Hard Boiled Sweets, Gums & Jellies recipes that many generations have enjoyed. Over 160 Years Delighting Generations

Scots are famous for their sweet tooth, and homemade tablet is made for special guests. Here's ours, ready to eat! Made using a traditional recipe of sugar, sweetened condensed milk, glucose syrup, butter (5%), a little salt and vanillin, Buchanan's of Scotland makes authentic tablet 

Made by Buchanan's of Scotland - Using their traditional recipe. 

Buchanan's has been making sweets for over 100 years - Enjoy!


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