Ben Shaws Dandelion and Burdock Can

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Ben shaws Dandelion and Burdock Can. Established 1871The ultimate nostalgia soft drink. This refreshing distinctive fruity aniseed flavour is enough to send you reeling down Memory Lane.The taste of school holidays sea air and the loveable British seaside The very mention of Ben Shaws Dandelion Burdock is enough to send your memory reeling back to the seaside visits of your childhood. The sandcastle competitions collecting shells in your little plastic bucket jumping over waves and pestering your mum and dad for another donkey ride.And then youd settle down by the windbreaker for fish and chips and a refreshing can of Ben Shaws Dandelion Burdock. That delicious aniseed flavour was just the ticket. And in no time at all you were back on your feet laughing and running away from the incoming waves  If you are strolling along the promenade the 330ml can is just right for a refreshing trip down memory lane.

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