Welsh Brew Teabags 80ct - CRUSHED BOX

Welsh Brew Teabags 80ct - CRUSHED BOX

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Our original premium tea, Blending teas for our wonderful Welsh water since 1989, Foil wrapped for freshness, 30 years of proper Welsh brews

Our Story
It all started back in 1989 from humble beginnings when co founder Alan Wenden saw a need to create a tea which would compliment Wales' wonderful water.
His meticuluos work and dedication resulted in the creation of our finest everyday tea - a blend of quality Indian and African teas and Ta Da Welsh brew was born.
Since the early days when Alan sold tea from the back of his faithful old Volvo our brews have continued to become "A household favourite" across Wales. Fast forward two generations and although no longer selling from a Volvo (local shops, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes are more our thing nowadays) we are now responsible for serving over 60 million cups a year and growing!
We may have grown but we are still a 100% independent Welsh family run business. 


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