Erin Curry Sauce Mix Packet 44g

Erin Curry Sauce Mix Packet 44g

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An Irish family favourite. Add cooked chicken & onions to a delicious curry & serve with fluffy rice.

Effortless and quick, yet flavorful and aromatic - Erin’s curry sauce mix represents the best of both worlds. Made of the highest quality ingredients, it’s the most convenient option for delivering authentic curry flavors to all of your meals. Just mix the contents of the sachet with water, and your sauce is done! Perfect for chicken curry or poured over some chips! This 3-pack can make your culinary life a lot easier!

Since 1963, Erin has delivered some of the most convenient and exciting flavor combinations to Irish families. From gravies and sauces to ready-made meal mixes, they have become Ireland’s go-to for those midweek dinners. Now you can try them out too!

product of Ireland

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