Twinings English Afternoon Teabags 100ct

Twinings English Afternoon Teabags 100ct

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Traditional Afternoon. Flavour This bright copper coloured teas strong flavour makes it both brisk and refreshing.Occasion Traditional Afternoon Tea is ideal as an afternoon pick me up or whenever you need revitalising. Brewing Instructions Brew for 3-5 minutes. Best served with milk.Country of Origin A blend of Kenyan Assam and Ceylon teas.Did you know Afternoon Tea has become an important part of British life a ritual originally introduced to provide welcome refreshment between lunch and dinner.

Foil sealed for freshness. Light & refreshing.What does it taste like? It's a beautifully delicate tea packed with refreshing flavour. Where does it come from? Our master blenders use all their knowledge of tea gardens around the world to choose just the right teas at just the right time for this blend. They wait until June, when Assam tea leaves are at their best, and blend them with high-grown Ceylon and only the brightest, freshest African leaves to create a tea that is refreshing and full of flavour. What makes this tea different? We select the best teas from Africa, India & Sri Lanka. It's the bright freshness of the African leaves that makes this tea so refreshing.

These Twinings tea do come direct from the UK

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