Rowntree's Randoms Festive Pouch 130g - CHRISTMAS

Rowntree's Randoms Festive Pouch 130g - CHRISTMAS

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So, what are Rowntree Randoms Festives, you might ask? Well, from what we can see, they are just different shapes compared to the regular Rowntree Randoms. But, here’s the exciting part, imagine if they were festive flavours too?! We’re talking about mince pie, mulled wine, cinnamon, gingerbread – the possibilities are endless!

Just the thought of it is making our taste buds tingle with excitement. It’s safe to say that we are hoping for a Christmas miracle and that Rowntree Randoms Festives lives up to our expectations.

And now, we come to the part where we ask you, our fellow snack lovers, would you try Rowntree Randoms Festives? We know for sure that we wouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to give them a try.

  • Made in England
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