Quality Street Favourites the Purple One 334g bag - CHRISTMAS

Quality Street Favourites the Purple One 334g bag - CHRISTMAS

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Milk chocolates with hazelnut (3.5%) in caramel (43%) centres

Only contains The Purple One from the Quality Street® selection

The nation’s favourite Quality Street® in a sharing bag

Perfect for sharing with friends and family

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

A 344g pack of our famous chocolates with a hazelnut in the middle

Lovers of The Purple One don’t have to fight for their favourite Quality Street® anymore. This pack of Purely Purple Ones contains nothing but the nation’s favourite Quality Street®, each one in its own iconic purple wrapper. Peel back the brightly-coloured wrapper and foil, and enjoy smooth milk chocolate with runny caramel in the middle and that all-important hazelnut at the centre.

This selection of sparkling sweets is hidden inside a Giant Quality Street® Purple One. Create magical moments with friends and family that you can treasure forever, or give a memorable gift to someone who can’t get enough of the Purple One. Whatever the occasion, nothing helps you create magical moments like your favourite Quality Street® sweet.

The Purple One is the most famous sweet from the Quality Street® family. Our iconic sweets were born in when 1936 John Macintosh, the owner of a successful confectionery business in Norwich, sold a deliciously chewy new toffee invented by his wife. When his son inherited the business, he soon created a range of sweets in beautiful wrappers that everyone could enjoy – and Quality Street® was born. Our sweets have been made in Halifax in Yorkshire since 1936, but they are enjoyed all over the world by lovers of delicious chocolate.

If you love the Purple One, why not try our Purple One Chocolate bar, smooth milk chocolate with a caramel and nutty filling.

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