Moo Free Vegan Dairy Free Orange Easter Egg - FRAGILE

Moo Free Vegan Dairy Free Orange Easter Egg - FRAGILE

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Moo Free Vegan Dairy Free Orange Easter Egg


Hammy Hamster and her Moo Free friends make delicious dairy free chocolates that taste just like milk chocolate. One day Cheeky Chops threw several of his oranges into the Easter egg mix when no-one was looking. So now some of the Easter eggs taste of orange. What a sneaky, cheeky, little monkey!

To make the Cheeky Orange Easter eggs we infuse orange oil into some of Hammy's delicious, dairy free milk chocolate to produce a wonderful chocolate orange taste. Each Cheeky Orange Easter Egg is packed into a bright, fun box featuring Cheeky Chops the cheeky monkey.

Our free-from orange Easter eggs are perfect for kids or adults of any age who can't have dairy, gluten or soya products, are vegan or enjoy quality chocolate Easter eggs.

These dairy free orange Easter eggs are made in our UK factory that does not manufacture milk chocolate or any other milk, gluten or soya based products. So you can be sure that these dairy free, Easter eggs are not cross-contaminated with any milk residue

Made in UK

Note: Easter Eggs are extremely fragile, and we can not be responsible for damage. Also please order thermal shipping if it is warm / hot in your area. Eggs can melt, and discolor easily when exposed to heat.

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