McVities Rich Tea Biscuit 300g

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McVities Rich Tea Biscuit 300g McVities Rich Tea biscuits are the most popular brand of rich tea biscuit in the UK. Rich Tea Biscuits have a wonderful golden brown color and are light crunchy and sweet. With only 36 calories they are much healthier than many other biscuits.After opening a pack of McVities Rich Tea biscuits youll be welcomed by a sweet buttery and freshly baked smell. It will certainly make you feel hungry McVities Rich Tea biscuits are very light in weight but hard to touch.Bite the Rich Tea Biscuit and the pleasant buttery taste will come straight away but it wont be too sweet. There is a slight hint of tea but the taste is not overpowering.Rich Tea Biscuits can very addictive and delicious and are made especially for dunking into your tea

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