Kit Kat Caramel Pudding  10 mini bars -Japan

Kit Kat Caramel Pudding 10 mini bars -Japan

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This Japanese Kit Kat flavor is a delightful combination of caramel and pudding, offering a creamy and indulgent experience with every bite.


If you see at the top right part of the package, you can see this unique Kit Kat offers a special twist - you can toast it to perfection! The result is a deliciously crunchy and toasty treat with a creamy caramel pudding flavor that will leave you craving more.


Contains: (10) mini pieces per bag.

Product of Japan

10 mini bars

WARNING SUMMER SHIPPING  hot weather chocolate  products can melt if exposed to heat in transit. Take care in ordering this item during the Summer Months as we do not refund or credit items spoiled by exposure to heat in transit.

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