Hunky Dory Salt & Vinegar Crisps x 6

Hunky Dory Salt & Vinegar Crisps x 6

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These Hunky Dorys Potato Chips with salt and vinegar are perfectly thick, and chunky potato chips with acidic, tangy, and intense flavor are the quintessential salt and vinegar chips. Made with potatoes, sunflower oil, salt, and vinegar flavors, this bag of delicious potato chips contains 1.5 ounces of perfectly baked potatoes. Hunky Dorys make for a great snack at any time of the day and night, especially during a movie night and quick lunch.

Established in 1996, Hunky Dorys is the fastest-growing chips brand, and the best crinkle cut chips brand in Ireland. Hunky Dorys chips are a truly satisfying, crunchy, and chunky alternative to standard chips that also don't crumble like standard chips. Known for its extroverted, cheeky, and fun personality with intense distinctive flavors, Hunky Dorys is the unique Irish chips brand providing its customers with healthy chips and fish products. You can't go wrong with Hunky Dorys products with excellent quality.

    Made in Ireland

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