Geeta Jalfrezi Spice and Stir Sauce 350g

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Geeta Jalfrezi Spice and Stir Sauce 12.4oz jar

Hot Spicy sauce with onions pepper green chillies cumin coriander and garam masala

Ingredients Sauce 97.3 Water Tomatoes 21 Sliced Onion Red Peppers 8 Green Peppers 8 Concentrated Tomato Puree 4 Vegetable Oil Coconut Cream Desiccated Coconut Ginger Puree Salt Garlic Puree Sugar Tamarind Coriander Corn Starch Lemon Juice Green Chillies Chilli Powder Paprika Black Pepper Coconut Milk Powder Ground Coriander Seed. Seasoning 2.7 Cumin Seeds Ground Paprika Ground Turmeric Ground Coriander Chilli Powder Fenugreek Leaf Ground Black Cardamom Garam Masala Ground Cinnamon.


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