Cadbury Caramilk Bar 37g Dated July 2022

Cadbury Caramilk Bar 37g Dated July 2022

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Cadbury Caramilk Golden Caramel Chocolate Bar 37g

The deliciously scrumptious Cadbury Caramilk is made with a uniquely crafted golden blend of caramelised white chocolate which is sourced from 100% sustainable cocoa. With its unique combination of a melt-in-the-mouth golden caramel chocolate, combined with a smooth silky texture, this indulgent bar from Cadbury will allow Brits up and down the country to try out a popular Australian classic, newly improved and made widely available in the UK for the first time ever.

HOT WEATHER WARNING- THERMAL SHIPPING HIGHLY SUGGESTED. We do not guarantee chocolate in the warm months.

Made in UK

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