Beech's Traditional Fudge in Milk Chocolate Carton 90g

Beech's Traditional Fudge in Milk Chocolate Carton 90g

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This fudge is truly amazing. Coated in the finest, smoothest milk chocolate, this is a fudge lover's dream combination. we make our fudge from natural ingredients. Made to an original Beech's recipe, making each delicious piece taste even more traditional. After it is cut up by hand from large cooled slabs, we smother it in our wonderful milk chocolate. If you have not tried Beech's fudge before this will be a whole new experience. Each individual masterpiece is set in a gold foiled inner tray to complement the much admired new packaging.

Beech's Fine Chocolates are a family owned independent British confectionery manufacturer with almost 100 years of experience!  We use only natural ingredients and traditional techniques to produce the finest chocolates you've ever tasted!

Gluten Free


Made in UK

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