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Bassetts Jelly Babies 215g bag

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Basssetts Jelly Babies. Bet you cant just eat one Are you a top or bottom person Fruit flavoured jelly babies strawberry lemon lime blackcurrant orange raspberry.Bassetts Jelly Babies contain only natural colours and ingredients About Bassett39s Jelly Babies Jelly babies are a type of soft confectionery that look like little babies in a variety of colours. They are very popular in the United Kingdom. There are currently several companies that make jelly babies most predominantly Trebor Bassett and Rowntree.Jelly Babies were launched by Bassetts in 1919 in Sheffield as uot Peace Babies uot to mark the end of World War I due to wartime shortages and the fact that the name had largely become ironic. In 1953 the product was relaunched as quo t Jelly Babies quot.In March 1989 Bassett39s were taken over by Cadbury Schweppes who had earlier acquired the Trebor brand.Jelly Babies manufactured in the United Kingdom tend to be dusted in starch.Each Bassett39s Jelly Baby now has an individual name and shape colour and flavour Brilliant red strawberry Bubbles yellow lemon Baby Bonny pink raspberry Boofuls green lime Bigheart purple blackcurrant and Bumper orange. The introduction of different shapes and names was a new innovation circa 1989 prior to which all colours of jelly baby were a uniform shape.Jelly Babies are similar in appearance to Gummi Bears which are better known outside of the United Kingdom. Though the texture is different Jelly Babies having a harder outer crust and a softer less rubbery centre.In 2007 Bassetts Jelly Babies changed to include only natural colours and ingredients.