Bassett Everton Mints  200g

Bassett Everton Mints 200g

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Bassetts Everton Mints 200g  popular black and white striped mint flavour sweets with a chewy centre. Unforgettable. The black and white mints reflecting the old Everton strip were made to be distributed among the fans at matches and they were jolly popular just as they are today The Bassetts Everton Mint is a traditional British mint best known for its distinctive black and white colouring. The mints were first produced in a Liverpool sweet shop close to Goodison Park home of football club Everton FC hence the name.The owner of the sweet shop one Mother Noblett created the mints to appeal to Everton fans making them black and white in honour of the teams then black and white kit.She even persuaded the club to let a girl walk around the ground before matches throwing mints into the crowd Needless to say the mints caught on and remain hugely popular even if Everton have since changed their kit colour to blue Contains Milk.Ingredients Glucose Syrup Sugar Palm Oil Dried Skimmed Milk Molasses Flavourings Salt Colour Vegetable Carbon.

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