JG Chocolate Limes Wrapped Sweets  Kingsway 100g

JG Chocolate Limes Wrapped Sweets Kingsway 100g

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Chocolate Limes Chocolate flavour centre of a lime boiled sweet wrapped.

A lime flavoured sweet whose outside cracks to reveal a soft chocolate melt in the mouth centre. Buy them loose and wrapped to sell at your pleasure. A colourful, firm favourite with all ages.

The art and craftmanship of the traditional sweet making process comes alive with each taste of Kingsway Boiled Sweets. Each batch starts the same way - and always has - with the cooking of sugar from English beet in open copper pans and open gas fires. This is one of the main things that sets Kingsway apart from modern mass-produced sweets. Your customers will come back again and again for the unique flavour of Kingsway Boiled Sweets

Made in UK


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