Bendicks Chocolate Mint Crisp Carton 138g - Christmas

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Crisp handmade honeycomb pieces in rich dark chocolate infused with peppermint oil – Bendicks Mint Crisps are the ultimate mint crisp. 

Bendicks Chocolate Mint Crisp 138g

Dark chocolate flavoured with natural peppermint oil

Handmade honeycomb pieces embedded in delicious dark chocolate flavoured with natural peppermint oil. This recipe has been carefully crafted to give you a delicious contrast of texture and flavour - perfect as the finishing touch to a meal.

Bendicks Bittermints, still made to the original recipe of 1931 are the oldest most famous Bendicks mint. They are the perfect combination of intense mint fondant enrobed with thick, dark 95% cocoa solids chocolate to deliver the unique taste experience. Bendicks was awarded a Royal Warrant by Her Majesty the Queen in 1962, a prestigious stamp of quality that has adorned the chocolate boxes ever since.

Made in UK


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