PG Tips Decaf Bags 40ct

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PG Tips Decaf Teabags 40 Count Grab a few minutes to yourself and relax focus with a delicious cup of PG Decaf tea. PG Decaf uses the unique Pyramid bag that gives the tea more room to move letting you enjoy the full PG flavour experience without all the caffeine. Many People wish to include only a moderate amount of caffeine in their diet. Drinking PG Decaf tea is a great way to help you do this whilst enjoying a fantastic tasting cuppa Full flavour fresh taste enjoy the moment. PG Decaf is a quality blend of tea which uses the top two leaves and a bud known as the tips for a great tasting cuppa. We all need a naturally refreshing moment but sometimes without all the caffeine For further information on the good properties of PG tips tea visit Product formulation may vary and consumer should always check actual product label.