PG Tips 240's case of 4 x 240's

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PG Tips case of 4 boxes of 240s for the real tea drinker.This is heavy might need extra on the shipping PG tips Your natural source of Theanine 100 Natural top two leaves and a bud. Ah delicious PG tips tea the all natural drink thats made completely from leaves. Tea leaves that is. My partner in crime Al has spectacularly failed to grasp this crucial piece of information. I have told him countless times  Al all the leaves are indeed natural but the leaves of PG tips are natural and Delicious.And why is that the tubby one asks me. I tell him for the millionth time because Al PG tips pick the top two leaves and a bud known as the tips from the tea plant to go in their fine blend. s that why they call it PG tips says the jelly mould because of the tips Give me strength. Yes Al. Because of the tips. PG tips helps you to focus. This is due to the naturally occurring Theanine that when combined with the other good properties of tea helps you to be relaxed yet alert. Study conducted using normal PG tips Pyramid tea bags the amount found in 2 to 3 cups British Tea English Tea

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