Mackie's of Scotland Turkey & Stuffing Crisps 150g - CHRISTMAS

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Mackie's thick cut potato crisps are made in Perthshire, Scotland by their award-winning family business, Mackie's at Taypack.

Their potatoes are naturally grown and are the best varieties for crisping. Their seasonings, too, are all natural and have been carefully selected to create a range of traditional and Scottish flavours. But what really sets Mackie’s Crisps apart is their distinctive texture and taste; they’re produced using a unique gentle cooking method which protects the flavour and quality to ensure a great crunch, fresh potato taste and dry texture – so what you’ll taste is the potato crisp, not the oil.

Get into the Christmas spirit with these deliciously festive Turkey and Stuffing flavour potato crisps!

Who could resist the taste sensation of Mackies Turkey & Stuffing Crisps? These beautiful potato chips are made from superior Scottish potatoes, and burst with delicious flavours of turkey and stuffing. It's like a Christmas dinner in a bag, and it's sure to be a hit with the whole family!


It's yet another exciting release from Scotland's most iconic snack brand - delicious!

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

Made in Scotland

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