Deans Wallace & Gromit Chocolate Chunk biscuit 130g

Deans Wallace & Gromit Chocolate Chunk biscuit 130g

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The biscuit range features postcard images of national treasures Wallace & Gromit on holiday at popular spots around the UK.  Using these images as inspiration, Dean’s developed five biscuit flavours: chocolate chunk, stem ginger, oat and honey, strawberries & cream 

“Tell you what, Gromit, lad. Let's have a nice hot cup of tea, hmm?” – A Grand Day Out

Contrary to popular belief, Wallace and Gromit aren’t solely obsessed with cheese, they also love a cuppa and a good biscuit. That’s why everyone’s favourite comedy Claymation duo – created by Nick Park of Aardman Animations – have teamed up with Dean’s of Huntly. We proudly introduce their Chocolate Chunk Biscuits. Laced with dark chocolate chunks and chocolate chips, they’re light, crumbly and immensely chocolatey. Cracking biscuits lad!

Dean’s was born in 1975. Based in the small Scottish town of Huntly, it grew from boutique home baking in Helen Dean’s kitchen to a company with a £1million turnover in under twenty years. Now it even boasts a shortbread-themed visitor attraction with a café and bistro. And all that success is down to the unrivalled quality of their melt-in-the-mouth biscuits.

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