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We are delighted you have come here to browse our fine selection of British foods and treats from the British Isles. As you may know, there is danger lurking in these waters, so please watch your step. You never know when a pirate will show up and make you walk the plank!


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Check out all the latest bounty that we've plundered from the UK. Over 50 varieties of Crisps, bagged loose sweets, Chocolate Sweets and more!

The Finest British Foods & Booty On The High Seas!

With a watchful eye, feel free to browse our selection of British foods and fare which have been stored upon this ship with great care. We can not promise that you will find all that you need, but we will promise that you will get only the finest British products any scallywag can find on the high seas...

Your Request To Come Aboard Has Been Granted! Go Forth & Shop until you drop!


Mamade Thin Cut Orange case x 6 HEAVY
$60.00  $56.40
Save: 6% off
JG Butterscotch Gums ( Lion )100g
$2.79  $2.37
Save: 15% off